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Shooting the 2nd Music Video – Voiceless

February 3, 2014

The shooting for the Voiceless music video started on Saturday in Tel Aviv’s beautiful Rothschild Boulevard. More than 30 strangers off the street agreed to take part in the video (not before we made them sign an agreement that allowed us to use the footage and also give us their first-born child).

This video is going to be very different than our first music video, We Bleed For Real, but hopefully it will turn out to be just as good, if not more powerful.

Music videos seem to be the best way to bring music to people’s attention, through amazing channels like YouTube, Facebook or music magazines and blogs. They allow a visual, complementary, outlet for the music, which can help the message and the spirit of the songs come forward in an interesting way, if done well. This is why there will also be a 3rd music video‚Ķ soon.

Rothchild Boulevard, Tel Aviv