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Racism is now taboo, but racism has been common and accepted in most parts of the world until the fight for equality and human rights began and continues to this day.

Speciesism has also always been and still is a part of human behavior, but unlike racism, those who suffer from this discrimination cannot speak, protest or resist.

The victims of speciesism are animals and the crimes committed against them in the name of speciesism are the most cruel, remorseless and vast, forming the most prolonged and colossal genocide in history.

The fight against speciesism is a long fight, longer even than the fight against racism or sexism. It is hard to fight for speechless victims. It is a struggle to be humane; to live up to our ideals not just for our sake, but for the sake of non-humans as well. And who better to succeed in being humane towards other living beings than us humans?